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Bailey Holly Rusty Holly Bailey
Holly at Dog Pound Holly Holly and Rusty
Bailey 1 Bailey 2 Bailey 3
Rusty 1 Rusty 2 Rusty 3
Rusty 4 Rusty 5 Rusty 6
Rusty 7 Rusty 8 Rusty 9
Breakfast Stevie Nicks U.S.S. Texas - Atlantic 1941
Campfire Smoke Stevie's Autograph! U.S.S. Texas BB-35 Aerial View
Trees Stevie Nicks VIP Pass U.S.S. Texas I - 2nd Class Battleship (The U.S. First Battleship)
Pack Rat's Favorite Singer Juice Newton's Autograph U.S.S. Texas BB-35 in Dry-dock
Campground & Creek A West Texas Sunset U.S.S. Texas BB-35 before refurbishment
Awesome!! F-14 Carrier Flyby Shuttle Launch Close-up - STS-53 U.S.S. Texas BB-35 after refurbishment
Wanna see part of the Moon? Shuttle Launch at Night - STS-63 U.S.S. Texas BB-35 before refurbishment
Pack Rat's Favorite Actor STS-1, Columbia OV-102 Ready for Launch U.S.S. Texas BB-35 after refurbishment
Badd's Favorite Actor B-52H with weapons array U.S.S. Texas DLGN/CGN-39
Panorama of the Apollo 17 Landing Site Campground - East U.S.S. Texas DLGN/CGN39 and carrier group
Apollo Service Module Oxygen Tank Campground - West U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 - Original configuration
Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Logo Campground - Trees U.S.S. Nimitz CVN-71
Apollo 11 35th Anniversary Logo Gun Control Really Works U.S.S. Texas SSN 775
Apollo 11 Liftoff Hale-Bopp SR-71 Blackbird
Apollo 13 Mission Patch Full Broadside Blue Angels Flight
Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Logo Earth MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) Picture
Apollo 11 Mission Patch Mars  
All Apollo Mission Patches Jupiter Original Mars Face Photo
Ultimate Dog Tease   Lubbock TX EDACS Page

Some Photos are courtesy of NASA.

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